Thursday, September 30, 2010

JFK, all the way

I've been playing a game called JFK Reloaded a lot lately. It's an abandonware simulator that takes you back to the day President Kennedy was assassinated, and you get to play as Lee Headshot Harvey Oswald. The object of the game is to recreate the assassination exactly the way it happened, misses and everything. After a while, the screen fades into a rotatable model of the car, and you can see each shot and how it enters, at what angle, etc.

I've been doing other things though. I like to pick off the limo driver as he rounds the corner, then the limo agent, then Governor Connally, his wife, the First Lady, then finally JFK. The car behind it carries the Vice President, his wife, a senator, and a bunch of other various people.

They all sit there and look around clueless, and they all die one by one. I start getting less picky about who dies next. Even a photographer gets popped. The simulation obviously deducts massive amounts of points from my "score".

You can download it here for free. I think this simulation is how the Kennedy assassination should be taught in schools. Maybe I'm just sick in the head, but it's a lotta fun!

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Can't you hear me now

So I bought a cell phone jammer off of and it came in the mail from Hong Kong about 2 weeks ago. The idea is that you press a button on this device and it's supposed to create a dead spot within a 30ft or so radius, effectively blocking cell phone signals within that range. Shit's illegal in the United States.

"Cool," I thought. Only this baby came dead on arrival. Wouldn't hold a charge, which was apparently a common problem. Serves me right for buying illegal electronics from China. I spent about the next week or so sending it back for a new one and having a back-and-forth with the English-as-a-second-language customer service reps.

Finally, a new one came back in the mail, and this thing is cool as hell. I feel like a god, terminating communication whenever and wherever I see fit. I have mostly used it at work for when there's a customer next in line on their phone and they just won't end it. Although it takes about 30 seconds or so to start working after I press the button.

They go for about 27 dollars and everything on DX has free shipping. Worth it in my opinion.

Sunday, September 26, 2010


Pokemon Blue was the very first gameboy game I got, at age 10. I would have never expected something like this was possible.

Just the sounds in this video are enough to haunt me. If I were actually playing this, I would turn this right off and probably not play for a while.

Jesus, pokemon is so broken. I like the "qq" move. Looks like one of those....things is insulting the other...thing.

Friday, September 24, 2010

From "Steal This Book" - Supermarkets

I love this (open source) book. One of my favorite sections is on free food, Supermarkets:

Beware the temptation to be a petty shoplifter. You are truly resisting oppression, not just being an angry wannabe revolutionary. Even an angry youth, once fingerprinted, will be in the database for life. How many promising brothers and sisters have successfully fought a political persecution only to be later sent behind bars for a maximum sentence on a shoplifting charge. To lower ourselves in the eyes of the public demeans our cause. We are not in the 60's anymore - we need leaders that inspire popular resistance to the corpgov. Be aware of modern technique for only the worst of emergencies.

Consider the story of Tre Arrow a leader in the eco-green movement who was slapped with some arson charges in 2001 to get him out of circulation. After escaping safely to Canada he is at the time of this writing sitting in a Canadian prison, fighting for asylum against the Canadian courts who want to deport him to the United States. All for being caught shoplifting bolt cutters. If the movement needs something so badly let a non-activist do the shoplifting.

This book/wiki is no substitute for knowing both the laws and enforcement of those laws in the different states and localities. For example some states allow store employees to make a citizens arrest for shoplifting and in others they can talk tough and hope you stick around until a sworn law enforcement officer arrives to collect you. Understand that a cop will almost never take an employee in for assault or false imprisonment even if he did improperly apprehend you.

In spite of massive markups and increasing food costs, there are still a few ways to get out of a supermarket without getting totally robbed. Shoplifting is a good way to send a known activist off to jail for a long time when no other charges will stick, so think before you steal. "Please do not steal from local owned stores for many have been closing down because of loss. In urban areas there are not very many local owned stores anymore. Loss and the supermarkets undercutting price until the local store closes, are main reasons why my store could not survive." -
author unknown

Getting food extra cheap:

Dumpster Diving
Many smaller supermarkets still have open-top dumpsters where day-old food can be had for free! Happy hunting! Some even separate veggie and meat stuff. Be careful with compactor type trash dumpsters, these are usually shielded so yippies can't jump in and root around when the stock boy hits the compress button. It is possible to bend the guards and reach in but never try to get in. Some compactors have exposed hydraulic hoses, these use quick connect connectors which are disconnected when the garbage truck comes, you could disconnect them when you dive the trash ares to "safe" the compactor, but be sure there is not an electrical assist or that you have not just removed the return line which would not disable the crushing direction. Most good stuff is ruined by compactors so the danger is almost never worth the risk unless you have an accomplice on the inside to load the compactor with good stuff for you and not hit the smash button.

One of our writers sent a letter to a large US bakery company saying that French students were coming to the high school and that there would be a presentation on American foods including snack cakes. They were asked to donate products for the exchange students to sample. One week later four coupons arrived worth five dollars each for that corporations bakery products. This is a great totally legal way to get some basic food if you are low on cash, because even most junk food companies also make bread and other products that are better for you. This also works if you write a polite letter to complain or compliment their products or just to ask questions, this sometimes also works if you call the 1-800 info number.

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Reading the above link while listening to the one below just makes it that much more awesome.
Love it when you're listening to music and it syncs up so well with what you're reading.

I hate political discussions

Skip ahead in the video to 1:54. The expression on Barack Obama's face is how I feel during every discussion during class at community college.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

"Survivor" made into a movie?

The folks at Film School Rejects have come up with a plausable movie adaptation of Chuck Palahniuk's "Survivor". I Am Legend director Francis Lawrence is interested in it, but apparently due to 9/11 any story with a plane hijacking as a plot device is iffy. It's been over 10 years since Fight Club. It's about time for Survivor., am I right?